On Mon, 23 Aug 1999, Efram Burlingame wrote:

>restarted it.  I am a broken man and in need of help, what have I
>missed(not knowing a bit of latex)?

How did you write your own class, not knowing a bit of latex? You
must be a wizard!;-)

>Did I:
>1)not put the .cls file in the correct place?

Did you put it somewhere in the path texmf/tex/latex? I have a
special directory for my styles there.

Can you run latex from a shell on that file sucessfully? Export
your lyx-file as latex and try. 

latex path/to/your/latex-file.tex

>2)incorrectly ran mktexlsr?

Mhh. I am using texconfig, where there is a command rehash
(rebuild ls-R database) I think it ran mktexlsr. You must be root
to do that!

>3)have a foul .cls file?

Then you will have many error-massages using 

latex path/to/your/latex-file.tex

>4)have trouble reading documention or more likely,
>5)anger the gods

Never try violence or prayers. Talk friendly to your computer. ;-)


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