2015-04-21 21:53 GMT+02:00 Bernd Kappenberg:

>  So basically you are telling me there is nothing wrong with the
> document, but with the path?!

No. I just had to modify the path since I do not have a path such as


on my Linux box.

I suppose your path is OK for you.

The log file shows that biber is indeed run (however, it is anyway adviced
that you set biber in Document > Settings > Bibliography, since with
"standard", LyX uses whatever is set in Tools > Preferences > Output >

Anyway, the problematic line is this:

21:38:53.773: read_file
- sysopen: No such file or directory at C:\Users\Bernd\AppData\Local\Temp\p

21:38:53.774: ar-4265726e64\cache-c38a9b05b97a81d339b4947ba00f0aacefe00497\
bda77484.pm line 112.

Please delete the folder


and try again.

This is a known (and obviously hard to fix) problem of biber. Some times
(though very unfrequently) it tries to access such invalid cache folders.
Deleting them always solves the problem. See


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