On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 9:07 PM, Enrico Forestieri <for...@lyx.org> wrote:
> Scott Kostyshak writes:
>> For master branch, we have:
>> "To split an existing list into two lists, set the cursor at the end
>> of a list item, press Return and select –Separator– in the pull-down
>> box for environments in LyX's main toolbar."
>> But I don't think we have --Separator-- in the pull-down box anymore.
>> Can this be done with Edit > Start New Environment?
> Yes.
>> Note that there is still the LFUN separator-insert but I don't think
>> we have a graphical way to insert it. Is that expected?
> Yes.
>> Actually, what
>> is the use case for needing separator-insert? I'm sure there is one
>> since it is called in LFUN_PARAGRAPH_BREAK, but I do not know it.
> It is used to separate environments. You can do it using
> Edit > Start New Environment, but you don't need using the menu.
> You start a "Problem" environment and write something. If you want
> to start a new "Problem" environment, hit the "Enter" key and go to a
> standard environment, hit again the "Enter" key and LyX automatically
> inserts a parbreak separator. Now you can start any other environment.
> The parbreak separator will insert a blank line in the latex output.
> If you don't want that, use the context menu to change it to a plain
> separator. This kind of separators are automatically inserted when
> needed in a hopefully intuitive way. If you hit "Enter" in a standard
> environment after a non-standard one, you get a separator and you
> are ready to insert again the same non-standard environment.
> The small arrow you see, plays the same role of the old --Separator--
> and behaves in the same way, because it leaves a blank line in the latex
> output. However, now you can also avoid that blank line by turning the
> parbreak into a plain separator.

Thanks a lot for this detailed explanation, Enrico. This makes things
perfectly clear to me.

>> Also, in aqua.bind, we have a binding for "menu-separator-insert".
>> This LFUN does not seem to exist. Can I remove it or should it be
>> corrected to something else?

I corrected this to specialchar-insert menu-separator at 27b8b068, as
suggested by Jürgen.


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