Dear all,

I cannot find a way to restore the original side by side layout of the
Source and Progress panes in Lyx. If I mistakenly move one of those, I
cannot dock it back to its original position, I can only add it as a tab,
thus preventing to have both views at once.

In this thread
<>, I
learnt that the configuration file storing the panes' locations parameters
was the Registry in Windows and ~/.config/Lyx/lyx.conf in Linux.

Unfortunately, this data is not easily editable since it is stored in some
kind of hexadecimal format. Since what I'd like is restoring the original
panes' layout, do you know where can I find the original lyx.conf file so
as to restore their values in the appropriate fields (1\progress\geometry
and 1\view-source\geometry) ?

Thanks in advance,


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