I posted quite a detailed question on the tex stack exchange here: 

The short version is that I'm using LyX 2.1.3 on Windows with the 
Exam.cls and a layout file I've customized. 

In the context of a \begin{questions} environment (defined in a Flex 
Inset), I'd like to know if it's possible for LyX to automatically 
repeat a certain style within. For example, it's intuitive within this 
environment to repeat the Question style (which is a LatexType Command 
that maps to \question[]{}). LyX always gives me 'Plain Layout' within 
the inset to start. When I set it to Question, type the question and 
press return, I get again a 'Plain Layout'. I would like Question to be 
the "style for next paragraph" within this inset.

I can *almost* do this with an LatexType Item_Environment which gives me 
Enumerated (\item) styles. However, I'd like to state which LyX style to 
repeat within my custom environment. 

The exam.cls is a great example of where this would be useful. There are 
repeating elements within various nestable environments. For example:

questions, question
parts, part
subparts, subpart
subsubparts, subsubpart
choices, choice (or CorrectChoice)
checkboxes, choice (or CorrectChoice)

Having this feature in LyX would allow easy creation of exams. It's 
already possible to nest the style in the inset, but a manual change 
from 'Plain Layout' to the respective equivalent of \item is required. 
Furthermore, if LyX set the style by default, it would simplify the 
choice. For now, users need to know which Style goes inside which Inset 
(legally for LaTeX, that is).

A similar question was asked some time ago here: http://lyx-

Any ideas if this is possible in LyX 2.1.3? If not, should I suggest it 
as a feature for the future? 

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