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On 08/25/2016 04:27 PM, Hobbs,Tom wrote:
I am using LyX 2.2.1 under Mac OS 10.10.3.  I recently updated to LyX
2.2.1.  I now find that documents produced using Sweave under LyX
2.0.3 produce the message “Layout chunk was not found” in 2.0.1 even
thought the Sweave module is loaded.

This sounds like a failure of the lyx2lyx format conversion. We can try
to fix it, but it is probably easiest for you to convert these
paragraphs to the new insets....

There is no option for Chunk when I start a new document under 2.0.3,
even though the Sweave module is loaded.  LyX 2.0.3 continues to work
properly with Sweave. It seems that 2.2.1 can’t find the Sweave module.

In 2.1.x, the Chunk LAYOUT was replaced by a chunk INSET. You can find
it at Insert> Custom Insets> Chunk. Similarly for the other Sweave-y stuff.

If you use these alot, you might want to bind them to a key. The command
you want to bind is "flex-insert Chunk", etc. For the ones with spaces,
you need to quote the name of the inset.


Many thanks, Richard.  That seems to fix things.


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