On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 02:04:02PM -0400, Robert Froehlich wrote:
> Scott
> Thank you for your prompt reply.

Hi Robert,

Please always respond to the list (unless you have a reason to keep a
message private).

> I realize that I was not quite clear in my description. But before I expand
> on that description, your suggestion that I uncheck "Show in LyX" makes me
> wonder if I misunderstood insert external material, and the inserted
> document can't be edited. If that is the case I will have to find some other
> way to get the document into LyX (perhaps as pure text, losing the
> formatting).
> I inserted the entire multi-page document using Insert>File>External
> Material, with template PDF pages. On the LaTeX and LyX options tab I set
> the option to "pages=-" . This brings in the entire document. I verified
> this by viewing the document, which creates a new PDF that duplicates the
> original document.
> I see the same problem when I insert only one page of a PDF document or many
> pages. I originally though that all the pages of the document were being
> overwritten onto one page in the display. The reason I mentioned this, is
> that if the problem was caused by all the pages of a multi-page document
> being written over the first page, I would get a good first page if I only
> inserted one page. Getting the same problem with a single page insert seemed
> to eliminate that explanation.

The reason I suggested to uncheck the "Show in LyX" option is because at
least this way the display in LyX won't be misleading. The PDF output is
correct, right?

> I would have included a screen shot, but it appeared that  the emails in the
> archive were all strictly text. If I can send you a screen shot please let
> me know.
> As to your remark about converters: Under Tools > Preferences > File
> Handling > Converters I don't see PDF (graphics) -> EPS. I don't understand
> why it would be relevant in any case.

In order to show a PDF in LyX's display it is first converted to EPS.
That command shows that only one page is used and that's why only one
page shows up in LyX's display.



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