On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 03:45:29PM -0400, Robert Froehlich wrote:
> Scott
> I don't know what you mean by reply to the list. I generated the reply by
> pressing  the button on  the bottom of the list page that said "Reply via
> email to Scott Kostyshak".

I see. I'm not sure how that page works (you did not specify which page
you are using). This is a mailing list, which means you can send email
to it. You seem to be using a web-page that acts as a proxy. In any case
you should be able to reply to the mailing list. That means that instead
of sending email to my personal email address you send email to

> It's rather obvious that I am new to this list
> (and LyX) and don't understand the etiquette.

Welcome! Please read here:
Notice the part about "bottom posting".

> In any case I suspect it would
> be a bad idea to create an indefinitely long chain of replies, so this will
> be my last.

I don't understand. Of course you can reply. As long as there is
something to reply about you don't have to worry about creating a long

> If you care to reply to two questions, I would be grateful, but as to my
> original problem I will probably have to make do with a less convenient way
> of bringing the original version of the document I want to edit into LyX:
> Can inserted external material be edited in LyX?

LyX cannot edit it directly, but it can call a program to edit it (just
as a convenience feature). What is your end goal? You want to edit a PDF

> Can I send screen shots in emails to the mailing lists?

Yes I believe so.



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