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Subject: Missing glyphs! Missing character: There is no , (U+2028) in font 


I have a problem with LuaTeX / XeTeX

LyX 2.2.2

OS Sierra 10.12

LuaTeX, freshly updated

No matter which font I chhose, I always get the message »Missing

character: There is no (U+2028) in font [whichever]:mode=node;s«. I choose to 
show the output nonetheless several times, because the error-message keeps 
showing. With some fonts the italics are not displayed, in some cases the 
resulting PDF seems to be correct at first sight. The fonts seem to be 
correctly installed.

The same happens with XeTeX also.

Does anybody know what might be wrong here? I have seen a very close, but not a 
similar question in the archive:


That’s why I ask here. Hope, somebody could help.




Not completely related, but I get a "Missing glyphs!" (two times) with LyX 
2.2.2 on Windows 10. The source of this missing glyphs are two occurrences of 
BibTeX references containing the character {\AA} (I assume this is the source – 
the error message showed up after I included these references…).


In JabRef:


JabRef details:


The result still looks ok in the reference list, though:


I’m not quite sure of how to fix this, i.e., avoid the error message/warning in 
LyX 2.2.2.



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