Hi all,

A couple nights ago, my LyX magically stopped compiling my books. You
know, the ones I sell for a living? Ugh!

I'll save you the hour long story of how I first traced the situation,
and give you the stuff I found out.

First, there's a document on your computer, put there by your texlive
installation, called texlive-en.pdf. If you use a different language,
substitute your language's suffix. Find it with your updated and locate
commands, and find a way to bookmark it (perhaps with a shellscript or
alias) If you're a Windows or Mac user, somewhere there's something
similar for your Mikitext or whatever.

Read it. Especially the chapter discussing the tlmgr program. Today's
tlmgr is soooooo much better at maintaining your TeX configuration than
anything in the past. If your stuff stops compiling (or even if you
just want to keep everything up to date, I'd recommend:

tlmgr update -all -dry-run

If the results of that seem OK, I'd recommend a backup of your entire
system, or for the sake of time and space, the entire tree under
texlive, like /opt/texlive or /usr/local/texlive or whatever. It
should have some directories named after years in it, and one called
texmf-local. Anyway, once backed up, run this command:

tlmgr update -all

Then, if your stuff still doesn't compile, look at the error message,
pick the most likely TeX package, and install it. For instance, if your
compile gripes about no pstricks.sty, do this to get past that:

tlmgr install pstricks

One of the worst things about LyX back in the day was getting your
texlive situation squared away, but today doing so is much easier.


Steve Litt 
July 2017 featured book: Quit Joblessness: Start Your Own Business

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