so you upgraded TeX and lost some packages?

I use the (much smaller) BasicTeX version of TeXLive on the Mac which
installs into /usr/local/texlive/2017basic and does some fancy juggling
with the PATH :-)-O

Before I ever upgrade I do something like

        tlmgr list --only-installed \
        | awk '{gsub(/:/, ""); print $2}' > tl.installed

and after upgrade

        tlmgr install $(cat tl.installed)

That makes sure I get all the previous backajes back.

And I synchronize from a remote HOST

        tlmgr install `ssh USER@HOST tlmgr list --only-installed \
        | awk '{gsub(/:/, ""); print $2}'`

works equally well.

I usually do

        tlmgr update --self --all

because sometimes it wants to update itself. You do not have to invoke
texhash after tlmgr, it does so itself.


On 09/08/2017 20:13, Steve Litt wrote:
> Hi all,
> A couple nights ago, my LyX magically stopped compiling my books. You
> know, the ones I sell for a living? Ugh!
> I'll save you the hour long story of how I first traced the situation,
> and give you the stuff I found out.
> First, there's a document on your computer, put there by your texlive
> installation, called texlive-en.pdf. If you use a different language,
> substitute your language's suffix. Find it with your updated and
> locate commands, and find a way to bookmark it (perhaps with a
> shellscript or alias) If you're a Windows or Mac user, somewhere
> there's something similar for your Mikitext or whatever.
> Read it. Especially the chapter discussing the tlmgr program. Today's
> tlmgr is soooooo much better at maintaining your TeX configuration
> than anything in the past. If your stuff stops compiling (or even if
> you just want to keep everything up to date, I'd recommend:
> tlmgr update -all -dry-run
> If the results of that seem OK, I'd recommend a backup of your entire
> system, or for the sake of time and space, the entire tree under
> texlive, like /opt/texlive or /usr/local/texlive or whatever. It
> should have some directories named after years in it, and one called
> texmf-local. Anyway, once backed up, run this command:
> tlmgr update -all
> Then, if your stuff still doesn't compile, look at the error message,
> pick the most likely TeX package, and install it. For instance, if
> your compile gripes about no pstricks.sty, do this to get past that:
> tlmgr install pstricks
> texhash
> One of the worst things about LyX back in the day was getting your
> texlive situation squared away, but today doing so is much easier.
> SteveT
> Steve Litt 

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