On Thu, 10 Aug 2017 11:37:21 +0100
Dr Eberhard Lisse <nos...@lisse.na> wrote:

> Before I ever upgrade I do something like
>       tlmgr list --only-installed \
>       | awk '{gsub(/:/, ""); print $2}' > tl.installed


> and after upgrade
>       tlmgr install $(cat tl.installed)

Very nice, as long as that works in dash as well as bash.

> That makes sure I get all the previous backajes back.
> And I synchronize from a remote HOST
>       tlmgr install `ssh USER@HOST tlmgr list --only-installed \
>       | awk '{gsub(/:/, ""); print $2}'`
> works equally well.

My one-linerese isn't that good. What do you mean by synchronising from
a remote host? What host? Is the preceding a substitute for making the
list then installing the list? If so, I'll just do the two step thing.

> I usually do
>       tlmgr update --self --all
> because sometimes it wants to update itself. 

> You do not have to invoke
> texhash after tlmgr, it does so itself.

Oh good. I was wondering about that, but did texhash just in case it
was still necessary. Thanks for the tip.


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