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Sorry for not replying, but was kind of busy.

Attached you can see both the lyxrc.default file and the preferences menu. In the first one, qpdfview is setup by default, while on the second there is no way to setup evince as default.

As I have read in the thread, the advice is to edit the lyxrc.default, changing qpdfview with evince. Nevertheless, this solution does not allow me to understand why this happened and why it cannot be changed from the preferences menu.

I will wait for your comments before proceeding.


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The answer to the second question is that you are looking at the wrong file format in the preferences menu. This is showing "*LaTeX* (pdflatex)", which is the .tex source code file that will be compiled into your document. Since LaTeX source files are plain text, the menu is showing the installed programs suitable for viewing text files.

If you switch the Format entry to "*PDF* (pdflatex)", the Viewer menu should show you appropriate programs for viewing PDF files (hopefully including Evince).


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