Am Mittwoch, 4. April 2018 12:30:35 CEST schrieb
> Hello,
> Just a note of hearty thanks to all for support of Lyx and Lyx users. And an
> apology if I inadvertently abused list etiquette.
> I've attached a piece that I wrote to document the solution to the code
> listing problem that I posed on the list. I never would have found the
> solution without the lyx-users list and the generous help of Paul Rubin.
> Thanks again,
> Lloyd R. Prentice
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> On Wed, Apr 04, 2018 at 12:56:33PM +0000, Paul A. Rubin wrote:
> > Sorry. Lloyd got back to me directly and we sorted it out off the list. I
> > meant to come back and close the thread but forgot.
> No problem! Thanks for the update. Good job figuring out the issue. I
> will let this thread rest peacefully now.
> Scott

Wow! This attached document would be pretty good as a lyx-preface.


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