Thanks Joel,

Nice and clean!

Our use-case was slightly different--- rather than color-coding tokens, we 
needed to color-code (bf) selected program fragments that correlated with 
tutorial text.

All the best,


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> Hello,
> Just a note of hearty thanks to all for support of Lyx and Lyx users. And
> an apology if I inadvertently abused list etiquette.
> I've attached a piece that I wrote to document the solution to the code
> listing problem that I posed on the list. I never would have found the
> solution without the lyx-users list and the generous help of Paul Rubin.
> Thanks again,
> Lloyd R. Prentice


That was an entertaining read; thanks for (a) putting the time into documenting
your ordeal and (b) keeping a light heart.

I've attached a style I use for showing code that I thought might be of
interest.  The configuration is in the document preamble and the "program
listing" used to display the code should fit into your colored boxes.

- Joel

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