Thanks, Paul. That worked (for the address). I tried Shift+Enter, but the trick 
was Ctrl+Enter...

From: Paul A. Rubin <>
Sent: fredag 6. april 2018 16.20
To: Bernt Lie <>;
Subject: Re: LyX & article style?

On 04/06/2018 09:58 AM, Bernt Lie wrote:
... both the Address and the Abstract with keywords appear in a first column of 
the two column document. Thus, it appears to not be interpreted as part of the 
heading section/front matter.


This is presumably the inherent design of the article class. If it's not what 
you want, you might consider a different class.

You can "hack" the address, at least, as follows. After typing the author name, 
use Ctrl+Enter or Insert > Formatting > Ragged Line Break to create a second 
author line. Type the address there and, if you wish, select it and use the 
font formatting option to change its size. That should keep the address with 
the author in two column format.

You could probably do something similar for the abstract, but by this point you 
are likely better off with a different document class.


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