On 04/06/2018 01:11 PM, Bernt Lie wrote:

A couple of more tweaks I need to do…

 1. Is there an easy way to suppress page numbering?
 2. I have changed font family to Times Roman. Is it possible to use
    odd body font sizes? The template I’m trying to emulate uses 10.5
    pt font… ☹
 3. Is it possible to specify the Times Roman font also for the
    document **title**? (The title looks as if it uses computer
    modern, or something… but I may be wrong.)
 4. Can I remove the extra space that is above the title? (There
    **seems** to be extra space…)


1. Several. Google "latex eliminate page numbers" for a selection.
2. This is tied to the font you are using. Google "latex scale font"
   for explanations and solutions.
3. If the rest of the document is Times Roman, I think the title will
   also be. You can always check the LaTeX source code by clicking View
    > Code Preview Pane. If you do not see some other font package
   being loaded, nor any unusual LaTeX commands surrounding the title
   text, it should be Times Roman.
4. I don't think there is very much vertical space added above the
   title. Viewing the PDF for a test document with the first two pages
   side by side, I can barely see the difference (one to two lines of
   text?). That said, if you really want to move the title up, google
   "latex reduce space above title".


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