My understanding from the Lyx developers forum is that the MiKTeX bugs that
were the main cause of the delayed release for Windows users has been
fixed.  The issue now seems to be how to communicate possible MiKTeeX
issues to users during the 2.3.0 installation process.

In my 20+ years in the world of science, I have not known a single user of
Lyx (~50 in total) who wasn't computer savvy.  Why not just include a
warning message that Lyx 2.3.0 may not function properly with MiKTeX
distributions that have not been updated as recently as some specific
date?  My opinion is that you're making far too big a deal of this.  I
don't think putting this minor bit of extra responsibility in the hands of
the users will go as badly as some have suggested.  If users ignore this
warning and find Lyx to be disfunctional as a result, well...too bad.
You'd have done your due diligence with a simple warning message.  If you
have another prompt asking users whether they'd like to update their MiKTeX
distribution, I think that'd be fine too.

I realize that there are unofficial binaries available.  Nonetheless,
2.30rc2 is working well enough for me on Windows 10. I'll await the
official release.


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