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I haven't found a more detailed description for spellchecking in the help files of LyX.

In the User Guide 6.14 Spell Checking
It says:
With Linux one needs to install the packages for the desired language. The number of these packages vary depending on the Linux distribution, but in most cases these are aspell-xx, hunspell-xx, myspell-xx, etc., where xx is the language code.

In my LyX Version
(Thursday, June 25, 2020)
Library directory: /usr/share/lyx/
User directory: ~/.lyx/
Qt Version (run-time): 5.14.2
Qt Version (compile-time): 5.14.2
(and I am using Debian Bullseye)

there is only enchant as the spellchecker engine listed.
It is in ./.config/enchant
but there is no hunspell, e.g.
It is mentioned to get it from
#### > Where do I place it (and other spellcheckers)
#### > And how do I get a personal spellchecker invoked?

Thanks for pointers

I found this
and it states that enchant calls other spellcheckers.

So my remaining question is
how do I get a personal spellchecker


You can tell LyX to record the words that will be recognized as correct by "Add to personal dictionary" . These are saved as text files in the personal folder with a name e.g. pwl_english.dict.
Thanks, Baris.
I see, by clicking ADD I get the personal spellchecker and can save to it.
But how do I find this one?
Mind you, I am under Linux (Debian)

Does "But how do I find this one?"  mean, you want to find the the ".dict" text file that includes the added words and its location?

Under windows,  the file is located in the user directory, which is usually located at:


Under Linux, I believe it is also in the folder where all the user and LyX settings are kept. But  Maybe others can help?

Maybe you can do a quick "where" under Linux to find the file?

Hope I got your question correctly.

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