I seem to recall having asked this particular question a few years ago,
but can't find the post.

However, you helped me in 2017 with some luacode, to be accessed via a
local layout which Philip Pirrip helped me with.  Adapting this should a
project for one of my next weekends

greetings, el

On 25/09/2021 12:27, Herbert Voss wrote:

Am 24.09.21 um 07:58 schrieb Dr Eberhard Lisse:

here is the complete letter with the accompanying Koma Letter Class
Option file, which either needs to be in the same directory or in one
which texhash (which MUST be run after each change) can find.

Look into the document's preamble (at the end).  The command
\myISOdate should be set in your document as a date field and not in
the preamble.  I never used scrlettr2 so I do not know how to define
such a field in LyX. Then you can input a date different from \today


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