Le 07/10/2021 à 14:05, Virgil Arrington a écrit :
I learned that, to be truly compatible, I had to not only use the same program as my colleague, but also the same version. This is even true with different versions of LyX. Every new release seems to change the source file format just enough that earlier versions of LyX have trouble reading documents created with later versions.

The rules with LyX versions are clear:

* all stable versions 2.x.y with same x are able to read/write files in the exact same 2.x format.

* all stable versions 2.x.y are able to read files of version 2.x' with x'<x. They will later save as their own 2.x format, but they are able to export to format 2.x'.

* the last stable release of the 2.x series is able to read files from 2.(x+1) series and to export to this version, although it can be expected that some features are turned to ERT. This last stable release is usually released at the same time as 2.(x+1).0.

If any of these descriptions is incorrect, please file a bug or complain here.


PS: you can replace the 2. with 1., in case you have old files lying around :)
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