Am 04.02.22 um 10:02 schrieb Jürgen Spitzmüller via lyx-users:
Am Mittwoch, dem 02.02.2022 um 16:47 +0100 schrieb Jean-Marc Lasgouttes
via lyx-users:
The place where this pop() method is used (popLanguageName) is
related to our use of nested languages. And indeed, it does not check
that some language has been saved before pop-ing it.

But we check before all uses of popLanguageName() that
lang_switch_depth_ (which is the stack<int> at stake here) is non-empty
via langOpenedAtThisLevel(). So from the code, I don't see why that can

At this point, having a document that triggers the issue would be
very useful. Then I am sure that Jürgen or Enrico will be able to
take over.

Yes. Wolfgang, if you cannot share your document, you can make a copy
of it and anonymize that via buffer-anonymize (in the minibuffer, i.e.
after Alt-X). This function replaces all characters in your document
with an "a". This will do for us ti debug.


Jürgen, I did send the document to Jean-Marc privately because of its size on 2 Feb 2022 17:50
Should I send it to you too?

My Mail to Jean-Marc Lasgouttes:
Hi, JMarc,
I thought to send this to you directly.
I have the English version of a book translated in German, and used the same template as the English one, except of course the German Language selection. It is unfortunately quite long (1.4 MB) and I am not sure whether I should fiddle around with it to shorten it. I also do not know whether the graphics and bibliography is needed. If so, I could send you an .arch.gz file.
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