Am Donnerstag, dem 19.03.2020 um 09:42 -0400 schrieb Richard Kimberly
> Well, the code is:
>     // Since LyX uses unicode, also set the PDF strings to unicode
> strings
>     // with the hyperref option "unicode". (With Xe/LuaTeX and pTeX,
>     // unicode=true is the default, with Japanese (platex), the
> option
>     // leads to errors (even if the input encoding is UTF-8).)
>     if (!runparams.isFullUnicode() && !runparams.use_japanese)
>         opt += "unicode=true,";
> That is: LyX outputs unicode itself in some cases, so setting
> unicode=false could lead to errors. Still, it might be worth a
> document
> preference on this.

Sorry for the late response on this, but I just stumbled upon this
issue. As of hyperref 7.00g (2021-02-04), unicode is true by default
for all engines, so we can test for this version and omit the output of
this option in this case. This doesn't even need a file format change.

Steve then needed to opt out via

PackageOptions hyperref unicode=false

in Document > Local Layout.


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