On 3/24/22 19:21, Rich Shepard via lyx-users wrote:
In my resume using the Modern CV class the preamble has no fancyhdr package
specified, yet there's still an error; the displayed message box shows,
'option class for package inputenc'. And it seems to find the fancyhdr
package although it's not called for in the preamble.

A MWE is attached.




Compiling your MWE, I did not run into the error message you mentioned. I did get an "Undefined control sequence" error for the line "\pagestyle{headings}", which I believe is caused by the fact that the Modern CV class, unlike say the standard article class, does not define a heading style. In Documents > Settings > Page Layout, I changed the "Page style:" selection from "headings" to "Default", after which the MWE compiled. (Whether it looks right is left to the reader as an exercise.)


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