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Compiling your MWE, I did not run into the error message you mentioned. I
did get an "Undefined control sequence" error for the line
"\pagestyle{headings}", which I believe is caused by the fact that the
Modern CV class, unlike say the standard article class, does not define a
heading style. In Documents > Settings > Page Layout, I changed the "Page
style:" selection from "headings" to "Default", after which the MWE
compiled. (Whether it looks right is left to the reader as an exercise.)


Thank you. For some reason the 'Page style' originally was Fancy and I
changed it to Headings. Just now changed it to Default.

Saved the document and compiled. An error appeared saying section headings
were inappropriate, but there are no section headings specified. Recompiled
and it completed without errors. Shrug.

How it changed since the last time I edited it several years ago I've no
idea. But now it's fixed.

Carpe weekend,

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