Auntie Gugel tells me via

that this (SoS) is the Tilde '~' but it probably does not matter.

I would first remove the reference

        \ref{alg:Skript-zur PRC-Erzeugung}

If that does the trick, you may want to remove the space from the
Reference and corresponding Label.

If not remove everything from the (copy of the) document but the
offending line.

If that causes the error, remove that line from the original.

If that does the trick, retype the line carefully (without label and

If that works, put the label in.

If that works put the reference in.

If that gives you the error use my above shortcut and rename the
reference and (corresponding) label.

greetings, el

On 2022-09-01 18:04 , Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
 >>this is line 2612 >> \label{scilab script-1}To avoid changing the
 >>parameters for each
pulse time and the following simulations sequentially, one can use a
Scilab script, which carries this out (see the algorithm
\ref{alg:Skript-zur PRC-Erzeugung}).

As to your Google proposal:
The Internet tells me, e.g.: 'START OF STRING' (U+0098)
Character U+0098 (152) is an invisible control code that is almost
never used.  The trick is that "ISO-8859-1" has a different meaning to
Java and web browsers.  For Java it really is the ISO-8859-1 standard,
which maps exactly to the first 256 code points of Unicode.  That
includes a range of little-used C1 control characters at 128-159.

What I tried was to put the surrounding of the error (was a figure +
legend) in a lyx note, run it again and check the tex file again.  The
0098 complain is now at another place, which had not been given before
as an error.

Paul recommended to run a bisection search, but its the same problem
as described above.

I was hoping to localize the 0099 character by using the editor
'best', which allows to search for decimal codes, but that did not
show it at all.  Perhaps somebody knows a better editor to check for
those characters.

I gave up, since it is a warning only and it takes me too much time
(and time of those trying to help me)
Thanks anyway!


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