> Is there a way to delete an outline entry? A right-click on the entry does
> not offer that option and the delete key removes characters in the
> chapter/section title, not the chapter/section itself.
I do not see any way of accomplishing this via the GUI, but it can be done by 
means of the command interpreter with a pair of commands.

Say you want to delete section 2.2 of your document
  1. Place the cursor at the title of section 2.2.
  2. Issue in the command interpreter "section-select". This will select the 
whole section 2.2.
  3. To delete the entire section, then enter this command: 
"char-delete-forward". This will erase the whole section.

These steps work for any kind of sectioning (division of the text 
hierarchycally): parts, chapters, paragraphs, etc. You could even customize 
your UI file to bind these pair of commands to a button in the toolbars.

If you do not know how to open the command interpreter, do this
  1. Place the mouse pointer on the toolbars.
  2. Right click and set the toolbar "Command Buffer" visibility to "On".

This will bring up a text box to type command in. Use the tab key when typing 
to autocomplete commands.

Hope this helps. Kind regards.

Enviat amb Tutanota.
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