> On 2023-09-23 18:50, Dan via lyx-users wrote:
>>> Is there a way to delete an outline entry? A right-click on the entry does
>>> not offer that option and the delete key removes characters in the
>>> chapter/section title, not the chapter/section itself.
>> I do not see any way of accomplishing this via the GUI, but it can be done 
>> by means of the command interpreter with a pair of commands.
I am dumb. I have just realized there is a context-menu item "Select Section": 
right-clicking on any section in the outline pane. So you could just use that 
and then the "delete" key.

> I was about to suggest to add a "Delete Section" menu entry to the TOC 
> context menu. But that doesn't work for some reason and I am not sure why.
> In any case, such a (working) menu entry should probably be available.
> Daniel
I have just run a couple of tests and, unexpectedly, the sequence of commands 
works when added to the toolbars (only if cursor is in the title), but not when 
added to the context menu of the TOC.
See the attached (diff) files to see the changes I made to "stdcontext.inc" and 
"stdtoolbars.inc", and try it out by yourself.

Enviat amb Tutanota.
< 		Item "Delete Section|S" "command-sequence section-select; char-delete-forward"
< 		Item "Delete section" "command-sequence section-select; char-delete-forward"
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