>>Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 22:41:11 -0500
>>From: "Paul Johnson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>To: lyx-users@lists.lyx.org
>>Subject: Re: Trouble with eps inclusions in lyx-1.4.1
>>Well, this seems like a serious problem, not one where we should say
>>"there's nothing to do".
>>I'd suggest that LyX SHOULD NOT offer to export documents to pdf when
>>they have eps files in them, or at least users need a VERY BIG warning
>> because a lot of users will get in trouble unless they proof read
>>their output very carefully.  A bug of this sort, which crops up after
>>a project is finished and printed out and presented to
>>students/teachers, and appears only later in pdf output intended for
>>the Web, is very serious.

Sure, this problem gave me headaches until I discovered the Autorotate switch
and patched it in a ps2pdf wrapper (epstopdf includes it by default since 

However, why should LyX behave differently with eps graphics than with other 
kinds of graphics ?
The current paradigm is to build output regardless of the type of graphic 
source, using
internal conversion.

With pdfatex, your problem came from a badly configured eps file (disagreement 
between the .eps extension 
and the magic number in the file (no EPSF in the first line, which lead lyx to 
that it was a PS file).
As I stated, ps2pdf conversion of individual figures could be avoided by giving 
on extension over magic number when there is disagreement.

As for the ps2pdf conversion alone (DVI->PDF), I wonder if the autorotate 
should be included a default in the converter section.
It's easier to remove a switch than to add one which you never heard of.
Two converters (one w/autorotate, one without it) is perhaps an overkill.

Of course, autorotation could be set on a figure by figure basis in the 
graphics menu,
and on a general basis with a checkbox.

>>If tex2pdf works, couldn't LyX incorporate that (its GPL, right?) and
>>cut all usage of the other converters?

I've seen it fail, but mostly on latex files not created with lyX,
and with older versions of epstopdf.
But I use it a lot (manages metadata, hyperref, indexes, glossaries, ... for 
without extra coding in the source).


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