On Mon, 11 Feb 2008, Uwe Stöhr wrote:

Yes, we support the koma-script letter calss version 2. Have a look in the template folder of LyX.

Uwe, et al.:

  Using the template as a guide (D'oh! What else does one do with a
template, eh?), I've started a letter. See the attached PDF. My specific
questions are:

  1.) How do I insert the letterhead at the top of the page (presumably
using the logo environment)?

  2.) How do I align the inside address with the rest of the letter's
content? It's too far to the left (or everything else is too far to the

  3.) Can I have the date printed before the inside address?

  4.) What ERT will move the closing and my title to the left margin?

  Once I learn these, I'll probably have questions on implementing the
header on continuation pages.

Thanks for the pointer to the template file,


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