On Mon, 11 Feb 2008, Uwe Stöhr wrote:

Yes, we support the koma-script letter calss version 2. Have a look in the
template folder of LyX. (This template file has a bug that has been fixed
for LyX 1.5.4 that will be released in about 2 weeks. A fixed version is
available here:

  Thank you, Uwe. I'll grab that.

In LyX 1.5.4 we also support the serial letter capabilities of the koma-script letter class. You'll find them in the examples folder of LyX.

  I've no need for this within the foreseeable future.

  I've read Chapter 3 in the latest Koma-Script doc, and see how to specify
most things in straight LaTeX. Doing them in LyX is the learning curve I
want to climb now.


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