Thanks for all the help, I am using Linux, so its not a Miktex problem. I have found that changing my article class to amsart seems to work, keeping everything else the same, except there is a problem with the 'acknowledgement' section which can be remedied by changing it into a section. It appears document class revtex4 isn't compatible with natbib.


Paul A. Rubin wrote:
Jennifer Brookes wrote:
It don't think that was it, and thanks to Brian too for his help and I am sorry for still not getting it! I think the problem is I don't actually have the agsm style, as I got this error in the .bgl file

I couldn't open style file agsm.bst
---line 148 of file FlexDraft14.aux
: \bibstyle{agsm
:               }

So I tried the style plainnat (with natbib) and also harvard (the .bst I got of the web) and both seemed to work ok, i.e. I get the references alphabetical, but in the text references are still refered to numerically instead of (author, year) which is the citation style I selected. Please can anyone help?

I'm not sure what OS and LaTeX distro you are using, so I'll try to be as generic as possible. First, open a shell/command window and run 'kpsewhich agsm.bst'. If it displays a path, then you have style and something else is wrong, but I'm pretty sure you'll get a null response. In that case, you need to install the harvard-latex package. With MiKTeX, use the package manager to install the package named 'harvard'. The package manager will automatically update the file database. With TeXLive, install the texlive-bibtex-extra package (using your Linux distro's package manager, such as Synaptic). I'm pretty sure the installation script will automatically update the file name database. All else failing, you can download the harvard-latex package from CTAN (, install it yourself, then manually update the file database (by running texhash). Run 'kpsewhich agsm.bst' again just to be sure things went well, then retry compiling your document.


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