Dear rh,

Yes, it is working now. (hooray!)  I do not know exactly what the
problem was;  for some reason, the way that Windows stored the .lyx
file on the removable drive did not mix well with Ubuntu.  Once the
file is communicated to the desktop, everything is fine.

My guess is that it is a problem with the two OS'es talking to each other.


On Feb 12, 2008 11:14 AM, rgheck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> G. Jay Kerns wrote:
> > Dear Paul,
> >
> > Thanks!  As it turns out, when I copied the file from my removable
> > SanDisk to follow your advice, then LyX read it perfectly, no lyx2lyx
> > failure.
> >
> > I have other LyX files on the removable disk (created with 1.5.3 on
> > Ubuntu) which open with no problems.  I don't quite follow the details
> > of what is happening, but if I copy the files from the removable disk
> > to the Linux desktop then the problems disappear.
> >
> >
> Could you have had some sort of line-ending problem? Anyway, it's
> working, right?
> rh


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