I got LyX 1.5.3 installed today from the deb package at http://lyx.cybermirror.org/bin/1.5.3/lyx_1.5.3-1_i386_etch.deb . When I start up LyX and try to open any article (even the one at Help -> Latex Configuration) I get the error message

"The layout file requested by this document, article.layout, is not usable. ... LyX will not be able to produce output."

and I am not able to get any output from LyX, as the message says. The configuration log (after I run Tools -> Reconfigure) reports the report class and a lot of the other common classes as missing. The corresponding layout files are, however, present in /usr/share/lyx/layouts/ . And anyway my previous LyX installation (1.4.3) was working just fine before I to this upgrade done.

Please help me get LyX back working properly.


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