Paul A. Rubin wrote:
Sebastian Rohrer wrote:

I want to use the "achemso" package for the formatting of my bibliography. ( This package provides citation styles compliant with the rules of the journals of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

I need a specific options, which includes the title of a cited article in the citation. Therefore I have included the following line in my latex preamble


"usetitle" is the option that provides the inclusion of the title in the citation.

Lyx uses the achemso citation style but ignores the "usetitle" option. I tried other options of the package and lyx seems to completely ignore them all.

Any hints on what may be the problem? Thanks for any help...


If you View -> Source, does the \usepackage command appear as above (with the option present)? If so, the problem is not with LyX.


Thanks again for your help. The usepackage does appear in the source code with the option present.

However, if I scroll down to the end of the source, I find the following:


Can it be, that the bibliographystyle command overrides the uspackage command?


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