Just started using beamer. I think its great. I was unable to find a beamer 
manual [entry] for lyx but i've been able to figure out most of what i need 
from looking at the examples. Couple of qs:

1. When i create a block, how do i get the block contents to actually appear 
inside the block. So what i currently have is:
Block (ERT[{title}] body): [[ {some heading} ]]
<block contents>

where [[ and ]] indicate a red ERT box. There seems to be some way of 
letting lyx know that the contents belong inside the blue box that appears 
on the output (b/c i see it done in the examples) but i cant figure it out

2. Suppose you have a program listing or a math array, and you want to 
animate the replacement of certain sections of the code or the introduction 
of certain pieces of code, how might that be done. I see a reference to 
overlays but the examples i looked at didn't contain them 

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