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Just started using beamer. I think its great. I was unable to find a beamer manual [entry] for lyx but i've been able to figure out most of what i need from looking at the examples. Couple of qs:

1. When i create a block, how do i get the block contents to actually appear inside the block. So what i currently have is:
Block (ERT[{title}] body): [[ {some heading} ]]
<block contents>

where [[ and ]] indicate a red ERT box. There seems to be some way of letting lyx know that the contents belong inside the blue box that appears on the output (b/c i see it done in the examples) but i cant figure it out

Nest the content under the Block environment (Edit > Increase List Depth). The content can be a different environment (e.g., enumeration).

2. Suppose you have a program listing or a math array, and you want to animate the replacement of certain sections of the code or the introduction of certain pieces of code, how might that be done. I see a reference to overlays but the examples i looked at didn't contain them

See sections 9.2 and 9.3 of the Beamer user guide. You'll need to surround the animated material with ERT, using one of the commands (\onslide, \only, \visible etc.) described in the manual. If you need something to occupy the space when the material is not visible, you might try \alt. I've attached a small example.


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