Uwe Stöhr wrote:
> I changed the download section of www.lyx.org so that we now only refer to
> the ftp site and not to special filenames. This prevents further problems
> when an installer is not available or a bug was fixed in the installer so
> that there is a new filename for it. OK with you Jürgen?

I saw the change and I can live with that, since it makes things easier for 
us if some installer is yet missing (as we had now), and I also do not see 
the need to make yours "un-official". However, I see the concerns that 
people like to have some kind of one-click-installation. For Mac, we link to 
one specific binary (of several possibilities), so we probably have to 
decide for a uniform way.

Maybe we can add two links (one to Joost's installer, one to yours), and 
then indicate if one of both is still the old version?


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