Jürgen Spitzmüller <sp...@...> writes:

> Matthias Schmidt wrote:
> > plaese  where  can  I  find  the  standard  installer  für Lyx 1.6.2-1
> > (LyX-1.6.2-1-Installer.exe, 20  MB).  I tried it with the link in the
> > lyx-wiki  on http://wiki.lyx.org/Windows/Windows. There I get an error
> > message "550 LyX-1.6.2-1-Installer.exe: No such file or directory".
> There are (again) some problems with the server. The installer is ready and 
> should appear on the server sometimes today.
> Jürgen

As far as I can tell, the "standard" installer is still unavailable, or do I
miss something? 

I was looking at ftp://ftp.lyx.org/pub/lyx/bin/1.6.2/.


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