2009/3/31 Christian Ridderström <christian.ridderst...@gmail.com>:
> I don't think the coding is the problem, but deciding what we want the
> algorithm to do...

I think filenames has their own format (formalized or not). So...

1) Anonymously log into ftp://ftp.lyx.org/
2) Change dir to /pub/lyx/bin
3) List directory to the array and take latest number in format x.y.z
(probably check x first and so on)
4) Change to that selected directory
5) For Jost's installer: List all files matching
    For Uwe's installer: List all files matching
    to the array
6) Select files which have all numbers highest (x.y.z and xyz could be
ignored as they should match parent directory) and store its names.
7) Build URL for these two from ftp address + directory + filename
8) Glitch here - I do not think it is efficient to check the ftp every
time user reads the page, until ftp is served on the same machine - so
these values should be taken from some file prepared by script running
on cron.

Jost & Uwe: Please correct me if given regexps are wrong for names of
your installers.

Christian: I not not best at PHP currently, but as I mentioned elier
PHP should take data from file. I can write python script which checks
FTP and produces XML file for all binary installer (MacOS too)
containing latest version available in binary and url to it. You can
easily do a table with binaries on the page from such data - if you
want other format just tell me.

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