On 2009-04-01, Jürgen Spitzmüller wrote:
> Guenter Milde wrote:

>>>> After leaving this environment, the graphic is rendered and put into
>>>> place in the LyX document. If you need to change it, you just click on
>>>> the graphic and the code environment pops up again.

>> This is rather hard. With lilypond-book, you will have to live with
>> the source code in LyX.

> Actually, I think implementing instant preview to InsetFlex (and make it 
> customizable by a layout flag) should not be too hard, and it would be a 
> valuable goal also for other custom inset (think of a tipa inset).

The problem here is that the preview has to be generated with lilypond,
not LaTeX. This is usually the realm of the external inset.

However, the user wanted to edit the source code inside LyX instead of an
external file. Maybe it is simpler to allow "inline source" in an
external inset than "external preview" in an InsetFlex.


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