Hi All

I noticed recently that I a lot of EPS graphics end up in the wrong
place with the pdflatex backend. I guess it has to do with the
bounding box, and somehow it is wrongly set during the conversion
process. Then the picture ends up in the wrong place, or it is
(partially) invisible if clipping is set. I find that very

Now I am not sure what exactly the cause is. I used to have a manual
conversion rule set from eps to pdf (ps2pdf) using convert, but that
stopped working correctly (with the explained issues) with the upgrade
to Ubuntu Jaunty (beta). I was using LyX 1.6 before, and certainly on
Windows it does not have these issues (not sure about Ubuntu intrepid,
I think it came with LyX 1.5). Then I thought I had fixed the issue by
installed epstopdf, but not it is back in certain files. There is a
bug report for it
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lyx/+bug/238580 , but it is
very vague and possibly combines several issues.

I intend to figure out the problem eventually, but I wonder whether
anybody has experienced this before, or any insight into when it
happens. I use EPS documents mostly from dia and inkscape, but there
may be a few other sources, too.


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