Hello again, I've looked some more into this. I still can't get DVI
reverse search configured under linux. These are the results:

The following works with LyX 1.6.1 on my Mac OS X machine:

echo "LYXCMD:clientid:server-goto-file-row:filenameandpath.lyx 43" > .lyxpipe.in

(moves the cursor, just like it should to row 43 in the open lyx-document)

Under Linux (LyX 1.6.1) it won't. Instead of moving to the correct
line the cursor keeps jumping to the first line. Is this as bug in the
Linux version or am I doing something wrong? I've tried piping other
commands than "server-goto-file-row" and these seem to work without

Matts Lindström

2009/5/7 Matts Lindström <cody.cust...@gmail.com>:
> Hello, this is related: how do I get source specials and reverse
> search working with lyx and dvi-viewers under linux (xdvi or kdvi)?
> (So that when I click on a word in the dvi-viewer I get there in the
> LyX-buffer)
> In the LyxWiki there are instructions for how to accomplish this under
> Mac OS X, but these do not seem to apply to Linux (I'm on Ubuntu
> running lyx 1.6.1).
> Thanks in advance,
> Matts Lindström
> On Thu, May 7, 2009 at 5:13 PM, Stefano Franchi
> <fran...@philosophy.tamu.edu> wrote:
>> On Thursday 07 May 2009 10:03:06 am BH wrote:
>>> On Thu, May 7, 2009 at 10:57 AM, Stefano Franchi
>>> <fran...@philosophy.tamu.edu> wrote:
>>> > Dear all,
>>> >
>>> > I read that the  release of SyncTeX in the latest version of pdflatex
>>> > (i.e. in TeXLive 2008) makes possible back and forth navigation between
>>> > pdf output and Latex sources in a fairly painless and rather accurate
>>> > way. Is anything like that possible between pdf and LyX? Or is it perhaps
>>> > a planned feature?
>>> >
>>> > I seem to remember a developer saying that pdf-->lyx navigation shuold
>>> > work out ot the box thanks to Lyx's server technology, whereas lyx-->pdf
>>> > needs some coding efforts. But I could not find any detail on how to make
>>> > the former (and, to me, most important) navigation work.
>>> On Mac at least: <http://wiki.lyx.org/Mac/Mac?from=LyX.Mac#toc13>
>>> BH
>> I'm on Linux, unfortunately. Judging from the Mac instructions on the wiki,
>> though, it seems that all it's needed is a SyncTeX-aware pdf viewer. Are 
>> there
>> any available on Linux? If so, I can't seem to find them.
>> S.
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