Matts Lindström wrote:
> Hello again, I've looked some more into this. I still can't get DVI
> reverse search configured under linux. These are the results:
> The following works with LyX 1.6.1 on my Mac OS X machine:
> echo "LYXCMD:clientid:server-goto-file-row:filenameandpath.lyx 43" > 
> (moves the cursor, just like it should to row 43 in the open lyx-document)
> Under Linux (LyX 1.6.1) it won't. Instead of moving to the correct
> line the cursor keeps jumping to the first line. Is this as bug in the
> Linux version or am I doing something wrong? I've tried piping other
> commands than "server-goto-file-row" and these seem to work without
> problems.

there has been discussion exactly about this on devel list and some work should
appear in the forthcomming 1.6.3. if you are able to compile lyx for yourself
try to buid the current 1.6 branch and report problems back (directly to 


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