Tim Michelsen wrote:
I have see recten posts about eLyxer and become curious.

I would like to suggest to edit the standard stylesheet provided by

The text from the example is very difficult to read.

"very difficult to read": you are exaggerating, which is not a good way to start a sane discussion.

To my humble opinion, the generated html should follow the tradition of Lyx in creating readable, user-friedly and accessible documents.

I have transformed several of my documents with elyxer, and I do not see any of those being as bad as the words you use suggest. Perhaps that's due to your browser: IE8 does not render the page as good as FF3.

Here are some examples for web pages (personal selection):
* http://www.nvpit.nl/cms/
* http://robcomm.net/
* http://www.swaroopch.com/notes/Python

some hints on web typography:
* http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/03/18/10-principles-for-readable-web-typography/

This one is a good reference.
Elyxer clearly satisfies points 1,2,4,6,8,9
Point 7 is not relevant: that the content of the text.
Point 3 could be tweaked (see below)
Point 5 could be tweaked, but looks satisfying to me
Point 10 is more related to web site itself. Typically, you will choose the margins with the CSS or include the article within a bigger page. But default could be indeed changed. Margins depend a lot on the browser window size, the screen size...

* http://www.csarven.ca/web-typography

This one is quite funny: It is "very difficult to read" with its jagged right-border (due to fonts too large with respect to the column width). It breaks the flow of reading, making each line "single" within one paragraph. It also lacks depth in its hierarchy: there seems to be only two types of text: standard and and H2/H3 type. Bad example.

Honestly, if you were to actually say _what_ you think is wrong, then perhaps Alex could change it: For instance, in Firefox, increasing a little the spacing above/below displayed equations could make them pop out better. To a lesser extent, that could be done with figures, but they are already coming quite nice out-of the text thanks to the frame the frame.

Typography rules are more guidelines than rules anyway: Newspapers are written with different rules (and different fonts... serif ones). Scientific journals use yet another. Magazines, another. Theatre plays, another. Cinema scripts, another. Human science, another. All are on one media however: paper. "Rules" depend mostly on the content. The rules coming with elyxer look like the transcription to the web on scientific papers' rules. When you use elyxer to transcribe a paper with 30+ equations (not counting the inline ones), it looks "great" and "very easy to read" (on FF3 on XP at least). I say that because I have one now opened as I write.

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