Hi again,

On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 11:57 AM, Tim
Michelsen<timmichel...@gmx-topmail.de> wrote:
> Dear all and especially Alex!
> I deeply appologize for my strong words. They were not intended to offence.

No need to apologize, they were taken in good sport. You are obviously
not trying to offend anyone but to improve eLyXer. A good shake-up was
probably needed to improve typography, which on some browsers is
indeed lacking. You tried to help with your links too; the only
missing piece was perhaps some (CSS) code accompanying your words and
showing your ideas. But Olivier was kind enough to supply that.

> You surely put a considerable amount of time into this.
> Sorry.

Do not worry, I (and surely the rest) have a lot of fun using and
developing eLyXer. My ultimate goal is that people (me included) find
it useful, so I would just encourage you to contribute any further
ideas you have.


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