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This may not be exactly the answer you are looking for :-)

IMHO the front matter (the stuff that is rendered by \maketitle) is the most difficult part to get right into a LyX layout, especially with paper styles. Every paper style uses different concepts on how authors, institutions, multiple authors per institution, authors with multiple institutions, "thanks"-titlenotes, and so on have to be specified. So even with the well-designed paper layout files that ship with LyX (LNCS, IEEE, ...) I usually end up using ERT in the front matter to get what I need.

So if you are not going to write dozens of articles using that style, I would just not bother in getting everything right into the layout and use ERT in the paper to specify the front matter.


On 23.07.2009, ad 01:43, Luis Amorim wrote:


I'm trying to write an article at Lyx, but I had some problems when I tried
to use a .layout I created from the .sty file provided by the
conference. I've followed the Customization Instructions (5.2.3) but it

doesn't work at Lyx, especially when I try to add a Title (it says is a \maketitle problem). Searching the mailing list I found someone who had
almost the same problem, and added

Style TitleERT
     InTitle 1


in the .layout to solve it. I tried to do that, but I still can't compile my

I attached the .sty and .layout files, and a .tex which is an example of


Luis Amorim


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