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It was rather surprise for me that installing LyX in Linux seems to be
much more complecated than in Windows. In fact, I have no experience in
Linux... Why there is hard to find "install. exe" file for LyX at lyx.org?

  Because it's not needed. Copy the executable to /usr/bin or
/usr/local/bin, change the permissions to 555 and you're good to go.

Is it true taht that words "Major Linux distributions take care of LyX
binaries themselves and you will find LyX in their repositories." mean
when I buy a new notebok with Linux installed then there will also LyX

  No. But, most distributions now have their own package management systems.
For Red Hat and its derivatives they are the .rpm files with YUM (or
something else) as the manager; for Debian and its derivatives they are the
.deb files and apt as the manager; for Slackware and its derivatives they
are .tgz files and slaptget (which I don't use anyway).

  In linux _you_ control your system. So, you place files where you want
them to be located (sticking with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard is
always a good idea), turn on the executable flag in the permissions and
use. It's a completely different world from Microsoft.


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