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It was rather surprise for me that installing LyX in Linux seems to be
much more complecated than in Windows. In fact, I have no experience in

If you _download_ LyX for linux from the lyx website, then you get
source code that you can compile. Doing that is complicated indeed,
and not recommended for a beginner.

There are _many_ different linux distributions. Making a lyx installer
for each is a lot of work, so it is not done by lyx developers.

Instead, linux distribution developers put lyx in their
distributions. So, the correct way to install lyx is
to use your linux distribution's way of installing software.

With debian, I use this command:
$ apt-get install lyx

That's all. I didn't even have to download anything. With this command,
debian will download and install lyx and all other software that
is needed to make lyx work.

If you have ubuntu, the command is similiar. Other linux distributions
are different, and you may have to download a package first. But you
download the lyx package from your linux distributor, not
from the lyx website.

Why there is hard to find "install. exe" file for LyX at lyx.org?
Is it true taht that words "Major Linux distributions take care of LyX
binaries themselves and you will find LyX in their repositories." mean
when I buy a new notebok with Linux installed then there will also LyX

If the notebook comes with a _major_ linux distribution installed,
then it may or may not have LyX already. Installing LyX using
the standard way of installing lyx on that linux distribution
should be easy enough though. If you need help, ask here or
in the linux distributors forum.

Note that some notebooks comes with not so "major" linux distributions,
which may not have lyx at all. In that case, consider switching to
a better distribution.

Helge Hafting

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