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> It was rather surprise for me that installing LyX in Linux seems to be
> much more complecated than in Windows. In fact, I have no experience in
> Linux...
> Why there is hard to find "install. exe" file for LyX at lyx.org?

In Linux it is traditional to install software via your package
manager rather than via dodgy third party websites (like lyx.org :P).
This is in part to avoid viruses, and in part to avoid DLL hell (or
"so" hell as it would be more accurately described for Linux operating
systems). Personally I also find it more convenient, as I once set my
mirror to be my ISP (System->Administration->Software Sources in
Ubuntu), and then all the software I install comes from my FreeZone
(and not from my 4GB cap). This is especially handy since the LaTeX
install alone is quite big.

In Ubuntu Linux you go "Applications->Add/Remove", type in lyx, click
the check box besides lyx, and press Apply Changes.

Other operating systems built on top of Linux, such as Fedora Core,
have similar ways of adding software.

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